Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm back.

Holy time lapse Batman!! Where did a whole month go? Ok actually I could just about account for every single minute! Man, have we been busy!!

I have taken part in another craft fair and worked on a ton of orders for Polka dot Sweetheart, which is going so great!

I have organised and pulled off K's Jasmine Birthday party (with a whole heap of help) and her 6th Birthday.

I have overhauled the house and all of my paperwork for an inspection for work , which was yesterday and I got a fabulous report with some very positive feedback!!

And now I have a to do list that is 2 pages long and another craft fair in 10 days.


I am busy busy busy and boy am I tired!! But now that my inspection is over, I feel so relieved and ready to face the busyness once more.

I am excited for all of the opportunities that are arising for me and I am giving it my best shot to juggle it all!

Right now I am going to share K's Birthday pics and then rush out to collect her from school. I have an appointment after school for K's parent teacher meeting, which I am very much looking forward to. My  two scrumptious cherubs are so overdue a bloggy catch up , it is untrue. But it will come. Soon. I promise.

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Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

Missed you!! Glad your shop is doing well :)


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