Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Don't be sad because it's over...

Smile because it happened.

I'm smiling baby! 

Peat summer 2014 x 


We finally managed to introduce Granny and Jimbo to our happy place. 
It was a flying visit, we only got one morning together, but it was great. 

We showed off a few our favourite spots and had a wee walk around the walls.

Some sibling fun before they whisked frase off for a magical mystery tour .

Under the bridges 2014

For some people,  I siting the same place every year would be boring. 
But not for us, every time we visit we enjoy all the things we love and add a few more to that list. 

Last year we found a lovely walk along by the river, under our favourite bridges. 
This year we walked it again.

The scenery is simply stunning.

As you walk under the rail bridge the river just opens up and there is miles of simple beauty.

FYI it is impossible to get a panoramic pic with our little resident jack in the box. 

The castle ruins gave us the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the sunshine.
We also had ourselves a little photo shoot.

I so wish you could see how precarious the position of the camera was! 

We found a little hidden garden this time, it is in the process of being restored. 
We are looking forward to seeing how it turns out....
When we return next year....


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