Monday, 14 April 2014

Feeling Springy

What a year so far! It's been crazy busy. Lots of changes, lots of fun.

I feel super sad that I didn't manage to document Miss K's 8th Birthday in the actual month that is took place :-( 
But!! I'm back now and will pop them on here.

                                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Dear Future me,

When you are looking back through the posts of 2014 and you can't find the (very few) pictures (that you actually took) of Miss K's Birthday, you need look no further. They are nestled in here, under April's tab. You have decided to cut yourself some slack on this seeing as you have been living the life of a mad woman for 4 months now :-)

Love from

Present me x

                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Anyway, onto this actual post.


I have returned to working from home, back to childminding and we are all loving it. 
I have just been able to spend the whole of the Easter holidays at home with the kids. It's been fabulous. I forgot how awesome it is to allow them to just relax and stay in pjs all day if they want to. The only deadlines and time restraints are the ones we choose. 
Loving it.

The spring weather is finally arriving and last week we spent the morning at the beach. It was beautiful, fresh and exhilarating.  
That sky went on forever. 

The kids loved being out in the sunshine and we all wished it was warm enough for a picnic lunch. Sadly, it isn't yet but its been added to our summer list :-) 

I just love my girl with her short hair. 
Oh yeah! That's another thing yet to be shared on here! That is a story for sure. 

I love my little sand angel.

Ooh it does feel good to visit this space again. i have missed it. Here's hoping I'll be back very soon 

Happy happy spring xx

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Out with the old ....

Once again, here we are on the cusp of a brand new year. 

The highlights of this year have been many I feel like I have ticked all of my goals for the year. 

My main goal was to lose weight and become fitter and healthier. I joined slimming world and the local gym in January and I reached my target weight in November. I feel so happy and actually proud of myself! Now I start my goal of keeping it off and looking forward to another fun and active year. 

Me and my girl last year, love this pic but it was definitely my "before" pic 

Before murray and I went out for my work Christmas night out I got him to snap an "after" photo and I love it. It makes me so happy to see that I made my target! For the first time since my wedding I feel slim. 

I still can't quite believe I went out wearing this super short dress but I felt like a million bucks and we had such fun. 

I was so happy and proud to be out with my handsome hubby too. 
We ate, we laughed and we danced :-) 
I am looking forward to many more dates in 2014

I don't think I could do a recap of our year without mentioning our fabulous summer holiday. I just don't have the ability to put into words how special it was. 
The closest I can get is one word. 

        (Poo poo minister?) 

All too soon the summer was over and it was time to head back to school and work.

Our "children" just seem to rushing through their school days, Fraser is mere days away from his prelim exams. I hope this year brings exam success for our young man .

Another thing I am looking forward to in 2014 is spending lots of time smooching on this gorgeous face 

Joe boy is home. 
And not just for the holidays! 
He is home to stay and my heart is so happy to know I will get to see home every single week. I could see him every single day!! 

Oh it is good. 

I am feeling very thankful and have a very full and happy heart tonight. 

I also have a very fuzzy head and wobbly tum as I  indulged a little too much in the wine last night and have spent the last day of 2013 feeling truly awful. But I was still surrounded by my loving family and I am very grateful. 

In 2014 I have a few goals that I am working towards. 

- being more organised. This is a biggy for me as I am hopelessly disorganised. 
- keep my target weight and continue to go to the gym regularly. 
- monthly family dates and monthly dates with Murray. 
- be more positive - I did well with this for most of the year but I could feel negativity creeping in around the edges. Not this year! Big smiles inside and out this year! 
- keep my toenails painted, it's amazing how this small things makes me feel better about myself. 
- blog regularly and take more photos. These two hobbies of mine have really taken a back seat this year and I miss it. Looking forward to spending some more time in this wee corner. 

It is 10pm, I am going to watch the finale of the biggest loser with my peaty and then try to stay awake until midnight. I didn't tell her but I'm going to wake Miss K up for the bells , this will be the first time she will get to see in the new year at midnight, with the rest of us. I'm excited :-) 

I can't believe tomorrow we will be right back at the start. 

The gift of a brand new year, just waiting to be unwrapped and discovered. 

The in between

The days sandwiched between Christmas and new year are affectionately known in our house, as the bubble. 

Boxing Day

Food, fun, relaxing. 

I love Boxing Day. 

The big day

The eve.

A Christmas date!

Happy 15th birthday Fraser

3rd annual gingerbread house day

This year our day was awesome. I might go as far as to say it was perfect! I felt organised and in control and we had such fun. 

Lots of photos! But only a few for now x

December magic.

December is my most favourite month of the whole year. I can't wait for the calender page to turn onto the month of magic. 

This year we have had a lovely december, lots and lots of fun, family time and a fabulous Christmas. 

I have lots and lots of photos to share, unfortunately my camera has played up and so many of the photos are blurry. I (stupidly) uploaded them all in one go , if I had blogged them all as usual I would have noticed sooner. But unfortunately I left it all until after Christmas and now I have hundreds of blurry photos. Many are unusable but some I will be able to edit a little. This will take time.

I couldn't bear to have our December 2013 Christmas posts in January 2014, so I am popping up the posts tonight and I will return over the next few days to add pictures and edit the posts. 

On my resolutions list for 2014 is to blog more regularly and to be more organised. So hopefully I won't be sitting on Dec 31st 2014 frantically trying to edit photos and add posts so they are in the month they need to be! 


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