Friday, 4 July 2014


June was good.

Apart from the broken arm, but even that had positives! I feel like the broken arm has given us a bonus summer! Basically if Fraser could do anything else he would! But ... He can't.... So he is having to tag along with us! Bonus summer :-) 

Follow this link for our June in pics 

Looking forward to July! Birthdays and holidays and hopefully some sunshine!


Sunday, 29 June 2014

And then this happened......

We had spent a lovely sunny afternoon , watching Kirsten take part in her school sports day (another post for another day) 
Fraser was out cycling with his friend and murray and I were cooking in the kitchen. 
The front door opened and fraser rushed in. 
"Mum!! I think I have done so,etching really bad to my arm." 

He wasn't kidding! 

He bent the bone in his forearm and required some surgery to correct it.
His first plaster cast. 
It's never as fun as it seems as a child, right?

Bless him he was so brave.

And even indulged his old Mum in a hospital selfie.

(Look at that handsome face!) 

We were ever so glad to get home that night, unfortunately the evening was not without incident :-( 
(We had a poorly girl) 

Tomorrow we go for his second weekly x ray and follow up appointment with the surgeon, hoping for the same good news we received last week. 

In other good news, 

Summer has officially begun!! 7 weeks of fun with my favourite people.


Friday, 6 June 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

Joe boy turns four.

I'm still playing catch up but I just had to share these pics from way back in April. 
What a fabulous fun-filled, family-filled day. 

We love you Joe Boy. 
You are fun and special, funny and spirited, cuddly and full speed. 
We wish you a fun filled year of four, filled with love and smoochies
With all our love from 
Uncle Murray, Adie, Fraser and Kirsten (Jessie) 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our little Princess

For a few months Kirsten was desperate to cut her hair short. As it was so long, I asked her to wait until she was very sure.
While we were waiting, she discovered that it was possible to donate her hair. After some research, Kirsten chose a charity who provide wigs to children who have lost their hair through cancer or other illness.
We also discovered that it costs the charity around £350 to provide one wig. So our kind hearted girl asked if she could be sponsored to cut her hair to raise the money to provide a wig.

I have to admit I was slightly nervous, I was worried she had put too much pressure on herself, but I was there to support her fully and allowed her to lead the way and it led us to a lovely sunny day in February.
Marissa, our hairdresser, was amazing. She made Kirsten feel so special and relaxed.

As soon as we arrived my nerves disappeared, Kirsten felt only excitement. She couldn't wait to get started.

Finally it was time to start cutting and look at her wee happy face.

Love those golden locks.

Each strand was at least 11 inches long.

Marissa treated our girl to a fancy wash and blow dry.
My heart was bursting.

She loved her new hair! She never stopped grinning the whole time.

GC had sneaked down earlier with some celebratory flowers for Miss K.
It just finished off this fantastic experience perfectly.

And in the end she raised over £700 for the little Princess fund , which is enough to provide
two wigs and those gorgeous golden locks will go towards another.
I am so proud of that girl x

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


And so, during the last hour of the last day of April, with 3% battery left on the iPad I am finally going to upload these pics of my beautiful girl on her special day. Technology failed us that day too, my big camera refused to turn on, so we had to rely on our phones. We still captured the moments but they are slightly dark and blurry in parts.

Our girl is 8.

When it is the last day ever that you will be 7 years old, you are allowed to do all sorts of great Things like eat an entire punnet of strawberries with a chocolate fondue , on the work top, wearing boots. 

This year Kirsten wasn't sure what she wanted for a birthday gift. There wasn't anything that she really really wanted.
Well there was something that she really did want but Daddy had said no.
But then he secretly said yes!
We were very sneaky and organised two new additions to our family.
Technically one is mine but these are gifts the whole family can share and enjoy.

I'll never forget her face when she walked in to the livingroom and saw the hutch.
"Are we going to get some guinea pigs??" she asked.

Look inside KP!
This is the moment Syrup joined our family.

She is so good to them. giving them lots of cuddles and making sure they have enough veggies and cosy hay.

Wee syrup was only 8 weeks old when she joined our family, she has grown so much!

This is Mabel. She is a few weeks older than Syrup and was much bigger, she is still a little bigger but Syrup is catching up!

During a girly day, getting their nails done, Kirsten spotted a cake in a magazine and told Lor that this is the
one she wanted for her Birthday cake.
And of course Lor delivered, again.
This is definitely one of my favourites. (Along with any other cake she has made for us! lol)

It was very strange to not be organising a birthday party this year. Kirsten chose a birthday treat instead, we went to the science centre with her best friend.
So a quiet birthday tea was enjoyed instead of a busy , noisy party.

Eight. Eight!!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl.
(love the joy on Joe's face and the banner that fell down. This is real life. :-) )



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