Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Alnwick castle

This year we were lucky enough to have weekend guests again. 
One thing that we have been looking forward to all year and it was definitely on our bucket and spade list, was to visit Alnwick castle. 

Parts of Harry Potter were filmed here as it was used as Hogwarts. 

We were all very excited but our Potter fans (fraser and Lor) were especially excited.

The castle was simply stunning and it is still used as a family home today. It was filled with family photos and personal touches. I loved it. It had a lovely feel to it. 

Kp acted as our tour guide for a bit.

Here are the boys following along behind our (super bossy) cute tour guide. 

One of these windows was the one that Harry almost crashes into during his first broomstick lesson. 

Happy Hogwarts guys! 

We also found out that parts of the castle were used during filming of Robin Hood Primce of thieves!! One of my all time favourite movies. 
It was such fun looking around to find familiar corners. 

Happy place. Summer 2014

Last year we gave the kids free reign over our holiday choice for this summer.
I'm so pleased they chose our happy place.

There is something special about this stretch of sand and the little house that opens into it.

It is firmly in our hearts now.

We can never wait to get our toes in the sand 

Sandy feet and happy hearts, that's what summer holidays are made of :-)

Summer holiday

We have just returned (can it really be 4 days already?! Eek!) from our summer holiday, in our favourite place. Here is a smattering of phone and Instagram pics but there is a complete deluge of photos to come! 

Check out all this food!! Omg! 

Mmm s'mores 

It was awesome, it was busy, relaxed, tiring and rejuvenating. 

I want to back!! 


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