Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy October

It has been a grand month, full of all of my favourite things. 
Tonight it is cold and windy with a beautiful starry sky, even more of my favourite things. 
Oh how I love this time of year. 

Oh how I love this beautiful girl of mine.

October has been beautiful this year, filled with so many gorgeous colours and great weather although, I am looking forward to it chilling down even more.

I love my job, we get to paint whenever we want! 
And I get to stay in my nest all day.p

We kicked off our golden month with an impromptu evening in St Andrews. 
With cousins.

Cousins making my heart ever so happy.

(Joe boy is blasting Kirsten out of the cannon) 

We continued our busy month with a trip a little further north to stay with friends.
I found so much happiness in the early morning glow of DVDs watched and games played by friends, who come together like cousins. All the while being kept warm by the sweetest of kitty's.

A dapper Mr P and his handsome rose! 

We enjoyed walks in the woods, quiet crafty moments accompanied by board games, more food than anyone could eat and oh so much laughter.

Autumn was even more beautiful there.


Our big "boy" had to stay home and work!! Like the responsible, almost adult that he is. 
When we returned he gave me the best gift, the biggest pumpkin I have ever seen!! 
It's so perfect too! It feels almost magical.

Then he upped and packed his bags and was off up north to stay with my cousin for few days. His first solo train journey **sob!!** 

He didn't even wave goodbye! Lol.

Oh how I love October.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Happiness is

...sweet Meatball allowing herself to be humiliated for tuna....

.... Stunning wedding cakes....


......pyjama clad girls in mummy's high heels....

....sunflowers and polka dots....

...Shopping and trying out some Halloween goodies ....       

.... my favourite new dress , tights and sipping chilled wine on a warm late summers afternoon....

....cute hairy dogs.....

(Wait for it......
....,He is a....
Lol lol lol )

....Dinner guests... 

....after dinner games with family....

....Ice creams as big as our heads! 

.....beautiful intricate webs bejewelled with raindrops...

....crunchy autumn leaves...


And finally happiness is that after school on a Friday feeling.

Happy happy Friday
X x x


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