Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The most wonderous of days.

Oh, Christmas tree day. You lie fond in our hearts. You are one of our most favourite days of the whole year.

Last year you delivered. The air was so thick with magic I am not sure any other year will ever measure up to you on the magic meter.

Although ths year, I am sure, will be unlike any other.

The saga story began on Friday morning when the wheel fell off our car.
Luckily it wasn't a huge job to get fixed, but there was no way it would  be ready for Saturday morning, which was Christmas tree day.
There was nothing else for it! We had to call in reinforcements.
 I drove Mum's (weeny small) car and Jimbo followed in his van to drive the tree home.
And so began our crazy, chaotic, hilarious tree day.

When we arrived we realised straight away that th farm had changed things up. Instead of the huge choice and great layout, usually there was a man there to help you lug trees around to compare and then measure each one so you could pay by the foot.
This year the poor trees were pretty much dumped in rows, no one was there to help, there was very little choice and they were lumped into price brackets. It just wasn't the same.
Sniff sniff.
But, for us,  nothing can take away from the fun of tree day! We still had a blast choosing our own very special Christmas addition!

(K is her Mama's girl, here she is orchestrating a photo opportunity!)


Needless to say, we did NOT bring this one home, even at the bargain price of £35........

Who needs employees to help?? We managed just fine on our own!

maybe this one is a little too large K ...

and here is Jimbo's gloating face, all because we chose the one he was holding!

Will this even  fit in the stand???

"Of course it will! " says I.....
(famous last words!!)

We tucked her into the van and took her home!

Where we hit snag number one.
It did NOT fit in the stand! , We sawed all we could saw and it was still inches out.

Again we called in the Jimbo.

Who brought his jigsaw.
It didn't work. It got stuck on all of the sap in the Griswold family Christmas tree.

So we sawed some more, in a different direction.

And then out came the axe.
It's clear to see where I got my mad axe weilding skills! 

It was a massacre!! There were bits of tree flying all over!
I thought I might split in two from laughter!
It was even hitting off the mirror above our mantle.

It was a good fight.....

(K couldn't quite believe what she was seeing!)

 Jimbo emerged victorious! And our tree stood proud!

She emerged from her little net chrysalis and.......... took up half of the living room!
This tree is huge!
And very very beautiful.

By the time we finally go the tree standing, Frase had left for a Birthday sleepover.
Tree decorating for three anyone?

As darkness fell, the hilarity subsided and the magic returned.

I think this may be my favourite tree. Ever.

Let the Christmas fun begin xx

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