Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry merry Christmas.

Yesterday we had a crazy, busy, excited, fun, family stuffed, too much food, happy happy happy day.
I hope you all had the same.
I am sitting here on boxing day, still full from our lovely dinner at the Peat family home, contemplating  a turkey and stuffing sandwich. Just because.
K went to bed without a peep.
Murray , Fraser and I are settling down to watch a new episode of Poirot.
In about 5 mins I will have my pjs on and will be snuggled under a quilt, looking forward to a good evening, followed by a good sleep and the rest of my week long holiday.
I feel fulfilled, happy and so utterly content.
This is what it is all about.
Merry Christmas everyone xx


Sarah said...

I so wish I was there with you all! I feel a little more like I've been and seen now! Love you, love your pics and can't wait to see your boy soon for a cuddle! I miss you all - I am so glad you had a fantastic christmas! I looked excellent! xxxx

Leslie said...

What a wonderful Christmas. The photos are great..I love seeing you all in your comfy pj's.
have a great week! Thanks for your comment..made me smile. When days go like yesterday..all that I can do is laugh.
merry Christmas.


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