Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The celebration of new life.

I am always amazed by the twists and turns of life. If we had each made one different choice, maybe , just maybe we would be in a different place to where we are now. 
 Sometimes we make choices that take our lives in a new direction, sometimes we make choices to stay closer to home.
Some of us make the choice to attend university, if we're lucky we will make friends there. 
Sometimes you move on and never look back.
But ,some friends you take with you.
If you are very lucky you will make a good friend, a friend that will share notes on missed lectures with you, a friend that will be your lab partner , even if you fill her pockets with cotton wool!
You might find yourself a girlfriend, who happens to get on very well with your lab partner/all around good friend.  
I'm sure it is very rare that when this good friend finds the man she wants to spend her life with, everyone just clicks, gets on well and enjoys one anothers company.
Even though miles and borders and jobs get in the way, when they are true friends, you will always, eventually find a way to stay in touch, to attend each other's weddings and to welcome new babies into the mix.

It is at this moment that it hits you.
You have something so very rare.
It is not often that you can relate to another family like your own. To see your very good friends parenting in such a loving and respectful manner. To see another family with the same values that mirror everything you try to be for your own children.
To have such a bond with these friends is very special indeed.

3 weeks ago our very good friends,  Richard and Cheryl welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world.

Kinvara Alice Bailey.

She is completely perfect and utterly adorable.

I am so very proud to say that she is our precious little GodDaughter.

And we just love her so much already.

She doesn't seem to mind me either.

Last weekend we stayed with them all and enjoyed the celebration that was Kinvara's christening day.
We were welcomed like the family that we now are and we had a wonderful weekend.

Kinvara with her lovely and very proud Granny.

My babies.

I love this pic of us.

Kinvara with her Godparents, her big brother and her honourary cousin, Miss K.

Kinvara with her wonderful Mummy and Daddy.

We have a very similar photo that was taken 8 years ago at Murray and Cheryl's graduation ball. We compared the two pictures and decided that we would not trade one year, wrinkle or experience to return to the picture of our younger selves. We feel so complete and happy to be where we are now. And that alone, is so worth celebrating.

The sweet baby girl with her "Grumps" (his word not mine , lol)

Aw look at this new wee family.

Dear Cheryl and Richard,
Thank you for letting us share in your very special day. For welcoming us so completely into your family and for allowing us to share in the lives of your adorable babies.
We love you guys very much xx

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Cheryl said...

What a lovely post LeeAnn, thank you so much (I could have done with a tissue warning lol) It is strange to remember where it all started!! Kinvara is very lucky to have you both as Godparents and we are looking forward to spending more happy days with you all!xx


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