Saturday, 24 September 2011

Spillers Farm

How sweet is this arch for a welcome?

While we were away for the wedding last weekend, we had the pleasure of spending two nights at Spillers farm.

In the summer months there is also a tea room here and I hope we can sample that on our return! (hopefully next year!)

The owners of the B&B were super friendly. They made us feel like we were visiting friends.
We were invited to explore the farm and introduce ourselves to the animals.

The pigs were so friendly! They breed the pigs and use the "offspring" for their own meat.

When exploring, you always need a tour guide.
The tour guide at Spillers farm was adorable.

Meet Merryck.
He was always up for a stroll around the lake, all he needs is someone willing to open the gates and he will show you around.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to take the boat for a spin, but Merryck highly recommended it, as you can see. He apparently likes to swim alongside.

Bridget and Keith (the owners) buy some orphaned lambs every year, they raise them and then use them for meat also. These sheep have such a happy life!

The farm and surrounding landscapes are just stunning.

The views were just beautiful.

Merryck was a little put out because we couldn't go any further. We had booked dinner in Lyme Regis, so we had to turn back.

Check me out! Check out how close I was to the chickens!!
We had to walk through them to get to the lake.

I had to dig deep for the courage people!
Very deep.
But Merryck cleared the way.
He was my hero.

And I was very grateful for the ah-may-zing eggs in the morning.

The breakfast room doubles as the tea room in the summer.

I loved the adorable china.

I loved EVERYTHING about the place!

Our views from our room were lovely.

And even the keys had my hero on them!

We would thoroughly recommend this B&B.
Even if only to visit Merryck and eat some of the delicious breakfast!
But you could also explore the surrounding area! It is beautiful.
(Just wait til you see the pics of Lyme Regis!)
I will never get over the fact that I was too ill to eat my yummy breakfast on Sunday.
Boo hoo.
I guess we will just have to go back again!

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