Monday, 29 August 2011

Smile. Breathe. Hug.

I have a migraine. I have a sore throat and some sinus crackly ickyness.

Just another reminder that I need to get back into better eating habits and move my little excercise shy butt!

As soon as I start to push my body and mind in extra ways, my throat starts to flare up and a migraine forces me to slow it down.

K started full days of school today. She stayed in school for lunch for the first time! 9am - 3.05pm. What a long day for Mummy! I am so pleased she chose a packed lunch from home instead of a school lunch, I was able to pack a whole lot of love into that little lunch!

I thought it would be nice to bake some cookies for my two big school kids! used a new recipe and everything! I used this recipe from a pretty life in the suburbs.

K was in great spirits when I picked her up! I was expecting a grumpy mess, but instead got hugs and smiles!

The danger lay beneath!

Unfortunately her tiredness came out in demanding, hyperactive behaviour with a very short attention span for anything. Add on some "lovely" learned behaviour  from her new playground peers and I was just having a party!

Migraine mummy does not cope with these things, not when she is feeling sick, has been working and we had homework to do.

K was too wiggly to concentrate on homework.

She decided thgat clapping her hands loudly and shouting mum 3/4 times in a 2 second time frame, was required every 30 seconds. Regardless of what we were doing/saying at any time.

And K did not like the cookies :-(.

And I ended up raising my voice and being frustrated.

And Mummy has no energy left for cooking tea or for any of the bazillion things left on my list for the day.

When I tried to cook tea I opened up the cupboard and a pot fell out and the glass lid smashed.

And K said s**t.

And, and, and.

Why does this always happen when I spend all day thinking of what will happen later and then later comes and I am this horrible person :-(

So I have come here to purge my thoughts. Re group and remind myself to smile, breathe deeply and hug them all tight.

Tea came straight from the freezer and into the oven, I''l redeem it with a baked potato and some veg.

I will manage to read a bedtime story and will get an early night. My migraine will hopefully clear overnight.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I will be a better person.There is always tomorrow :-)

Better days.

There are always better days x


Happy Homemaker UK said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine headaches & 'not stellar' day. We had an off day yesterday too. Hoping you have a great weekend with the family!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Oh dear. Big hugs for everything especially the tears at school. I did giggle about the 's**t'


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