Thursday, 31 December 2009

On the cusp ...

Here we are, with just over an hour to go until a brand new year. I feel like I should say something inspirational and a little groundbreaking. But I am a bit at  loss. I want to talk about how much our lives have changed throughout the course of 2009. I want to talk about the joy at finding our new home and making it ours. The sorrow of losing loved ones. The beginnings of my new job and the sweet children it has brought into our every day lives.

I feel such a sense of new beginning for this year, we are beginning in our own home , we are expecting the joy of a new baby for our family, in the form of a sweet niece or nephew. Fraser will be beginning his new journey into high school. Murray has some exciting changes coming up at work. Kirsten may be leaving the happy and cosy nest of Playgroup to move on into the School system and Nursery.

But I don't even know where to begin!

 I feel contented and very blessed to be sitting here in my cosy home, my amazing , kind and hardworking hubby by my side (only a little bit asleep ;) .)
My handsome big boy smiling over at me from the couch , crunching away happily on a bowl of golden nuggets.
My sweet angel girl all snug in her bed , wearing her special princess jammies chosen all by herself today, hopefully having the sweetest of dreams.
My fabulously important, (and expensive) worth her weight in gold, scrumdiddlyumtious meatball roaming around staring at me, wondering why she isn't tucked up in bed with a full tummy like she usually is by this time each night.

I have everything I have ever wanted and am a little bit afraid to voice how happy I am and how lucky I feel , lest it be taken from me.

We have really been through the mill this year but we have come through together, with the knowledge of what is trully important in tact and stronger than ever.

I still have so many things that I want to work towards in 2010

I want to be less of a perfectionist. Now everyone surrounding me would probably argue this point.How could someone as disorganised as me be a perfectionist! But it is this very thing that is holding me back. Quite often I will not begin something if I know I cannot finish it perfectly.
I will remind myself that to do my best and actually get something done is better than never acheiving anything in the pursuit of perfection.

I want to be more positive, I want to banish the negative thoughts that sometimes creep in. I need to remind myself that the teeny things the kids may do  that drive me up the wall, are merely tiny things that if ignored will just pass like they never were. It is my negative comments that turn them into issues. I will revel in their positive traits, of which there are many.

I want to be the best person that I can, the best Mother and wife, my kids need me to be dedicated and loving. They need to know they are the most important things in my life, as does my man. They all need to know they play second fiddle to nothing and no one.
 I will be the best sister I can be. I feel this may be an important one this year as my sister is about to embark on such a huge change to her life, I have been there twice, surely there are some tiny nuggets of something in my experience that may help her out.
I want to try to be the best daughter, daughter in law, sister in law, Auntie, Childminder and friend. I need to remember how important these people are in my life and let them know how much I appreciate their love, support and friendship.

I need to procrastinate less. I need to organise my time and my paperwork! Plan my meals and manage my money better. All of the boring stuff that surely holds a lot of keys to the success of each other.

I need to lose weight, broken down into lbs, my weight loss seems more manageable and surely with a fabulous Minnie Mouse water bottle, my new excercising plan will be a breeze! What could go wrong! Even if I don't quite make the 23lbs I want to lose I will surely end the year fitter and healthier than when I started!

And in the spirit of my new non - perfectionism, next year at this time, I will not beat myself up for all of my failings from this list!

I will remember that I love and am loved even with all of my faults and strengths.

Happy new year, I am going to go and join my boys once more while we wait for those all important bells to ring. I will always remember the rollercoaster of 2009 and I am glad many of my memories are stored here for me to dip back into and remember.

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere!

And gie's a hand o' thine!

And we'll tak a right guid willy waught,

For auld lang syne.
See you all next year xxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Twas the season!

Merry Christmas to you all!

I hope you had a fun and magic filled festive season like we did. We are still enjoying ours as we are still on holiday. Poor Murray started back to work today but left us with strict instructions to keep up the festive laziness! We are doing him proud LOL

a few snaps of our fun filled days

Christmas Eve, laying out Santa's feast!

Reading the night before Christmas. Our newly turned 11 year old felt he was a bit old for this this year, but we found him hovering at the door ;)

Full stockings in the morning!

bnusy little fingers knowing exactly what to do this year!

The much coveted laptop was in Santa's sack after all!

Meatball playing with one of her new cat balls!

Look what we found outside! Big boot prints and what can only be reindeer tracks!

Finally we got dressed! Here is K playing with her special new pram

And with Karey, her new baby

Christmas dinner!

Me and my girl!

Here is K with her new camera! Taking a pic of me taking a pic of her! In what may be my favourite Pyjamas EVER!

A merry Christmas to all! xxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Fraser

Happy Birthday to my big boy! wow! 11 already ?? Where did the time go??

Being very kind and letting his siter share a turn on his new razor sparks scooter!

yes it had a light dusting of snow and yes they were in the pyjamas LOL (and the mother of the year award goes to ..............)

Fraser wanted and R2D2 cake for his Birthday. He also specified the kind of icing which made it pretty tough! It would have been easier to use fondent icing or even buttercream. But what the Birthday boy wants, the Birthday Boy gets!

Finishing the day tired but happy x

Monday, 14 December 2009


While strolling round the shops on Saturday with my Mother in Law and Sister in Law we came across this beauty

Sorry the pic is so awful but this was a 7 foot tall Christmas cake! My phone is usually really good at taking pics but maybe I was so excited by the though of so much cake! It was huge!! The woman who had made it was cutting a bit as we passed and the smell was gorgeous! mmmm yummy.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The great American Bake swap!

Ok so there is nothing American about it, apart from the original idea. I decided I wanted to host a sort of cookie swap. It sort of morphed into just a general all kinds of baking swap. The name came courtesy of Beebs.
I was the hostess and 5 of us took part. It was so much fun! The baking part turned out to be slightly more stressful/rushed than we all would have liked but we pulled it off and produced a staggering amount of food!

Here was my table all ready. My offerings of Shortbread and Brownies were just waiting to be united with the hoards of food about to come through my door!

We had Brownies, Shortbread, Cherry muffins, cherry and white chocolate fudgy traybake thingy, oatmeal and raisin cookies, spicy snowflakes, chocolate peanut butter hearts, banana loaf, a mahooooooosive chocolate fudge cake and a raspberry mascarpone cheesecake. All in ridiculously large quantities!

Thank goodness there was a boy or two around to help munch some of the goodies!

Here is one of the girlies , I love Lor Lor still pouring the wine while posing for the pic LOL

Sorry I have none with all of us in it, I should have made Murray work for his supper by being photographer for the night! ;) Alas, we were far too busy gossiping , laughing and having fun, I remembered far too late!
 My sister had already headed home (taking unborn baby hughes home to bed) and we were all a little green around the gills because we had eaten too much!  We were all fighting at the end about who had to take the most LOL no one could face filling their tins!

We have most definitely decided it has to be annual affair. Although there was murmurings of it becoming a weekly/monthly/any excuse we can think of affair!

Thanks girls xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Our Christmas tree

The time has finally arrived and we have chosen our tree! It took a bit of consideration. This year we have a slightly bigger house which in my mind means we can get a much bigger tree! :)

Kirsten was a little worried, she said she wanted a "hooge" tree but not "too hooge". The poor guy selling the trees had to drag out around a dozen trees so we could compare them to the one I eventually bought.
There was one I really wanted, it was too far too big though. It was all twisted at the top and I was sure everyone else would dismiss it because of it's less than perfect appearance and so I felt I should bring it home with us.

But Murray put his foot down, he didn't think that any tree was worth cutting a hole in the ceiling for.
So we brought home the original choice instead. I love it! It is so perfect to me, a really lovely shape.

On the way to the car Fraser apologised to the man! As K and I were skipping ahead (yes I really did this! no wonder Fraser felt the need to apologise for me ;) ) I heard Fraser mumble to the man " I am SO sorry you had to cope with my Mum. She just loves Christmas and the tree is important to her" LOL I didn't think I was that bad .................

So I unveil to you


Sorry I know you wanted to see the nice twinkly sparkly lights, my camera wont do that. Sigh.

We had such fun decorating the tree together. Remembering the memories behind our favourite ornaments.

We are all super excited for something else new to us this year! Can you guess what it is? It is something that is a definite requirement for a certain gentleman who comes around but once a year.........

YES! We have a fireplace with a real live chimney attached! wooo hooo!
(sorry for the big pink balloon, I am in a hurry and didn't edit the pics)

So we are all ready here, good job Santa is in charge of the gifts this year because I am not organised at all! I haven't even written my cards!!

Gotta run, plenty of baking is on the to do list today. I am hosting a Great American Bake swap tomorrow night! So I better get my tush in the kitchen and get started!

Just time to say

A very Merry Meatball to all xxxxx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Picture perfect

Got some new pics taken of the kids yesterday, my disc wont arrive for at least a week but I took a pic of the one photo I bought.

This one is my favourite

It makes me so happy and proud. I can't help but smile whenever I look at it

This Happy Chappy says it is


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