Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another chapter ends.

In August last year I posted about the new chapter in our family's story. Fraser was moving on to High School and our baby K was starting her pre - school year at Nursery. They were kitted out with everything they needed. K had her very own peg with her special bag and shoes that would stay at Nursery.

Well they have done their job well and we brought them home

Don't they look like they have had a ton of adventures??

To celebrate her "graduation" , we attended a little garden party at the Nursery. The children sang songs that they have been learning and played instruments.

I have no words. I was so choked up the entire time, bursting with pride and mixed emotions.

Our girl.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

City girls part one.

Lor Lor got a couple of visitors in the big city this weekend.

And what a weekend we had!

We walked, laughed and ate our way around Britain's capital.

Our day ended with the best BEST surprise for us all.

We got last minute tickets to Glee live!!!


Best night ever!!

Back with day 2 tomorrow!! x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Winding down

We are almost into the last week of school and Nursery! Everything is beginning to wind down and finish up. It will soon be the summer holidays and we are excited!!

Part of our summer plan has been to get our home much more organised, starting with the kitchen and moving onto the kids rooms!
These rooms were a perpetual mess. Fraser's room is very small and very full. K's room is bigger but a little girl has a ton of little things that are difficult to organise. Some storage boxes, an epic 10 hour cleaning and throwing out session some de - cluttering and a little new furniture later and it is mission accomplished!

Clean! Organised! K is now on week 3 of keeping her room as perfect as it was the day we finished it and has managed to start some very good habits that will hopefully make her far more organised than I could ever hope to be! I am proud of how well she is organising herself, with no moaning or whining. She is hoping to get a goldfish as a reward for her hard work, all she has to do is complete 4 weeks of a clean room. I think we may have an addition to our family sooner rather than later! And another when Fraser reaches the same milestone!

Next on the list is our room, the dumping ground mixed with a craft room. Its a mess, my lovely shelves fell down from our rubbish walls, as everything seems to do in this house!! I have to say that a certain furry little someone decided that it was really a climbing wall for her. She is not small. She is not light. Our walls are no good for shelves. So the big shelves are gone and I am back in a muddle of piles and baskets.

Aww look at the pic.I was so pleased when they went up! Never mind, good old Jimbo has a new plan that he will put into action on Sunday. While I am in London....
See how I sneaked that in there! LONDON BABY!!!! Beebs and I are heading off  for a girly weekend to visit Lor Lor in the big city!!!

I can't wait!! See  you all when I get back! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, 13 June 2011


Is this not the cutest pooch around??

Weekends mean one thing for me, family.

This weekend we enjoyed a family BBQ with my in laws and my parents.

Not sure if you remember our own recent BBQ . Well, it happened again.

Pitter patter raindrops.

So I took Christine a little sunshine in a vase.

And she provided (with other things) the world's BEST apple crumble.

Although we only live around 5 mins walking distance away, we packed our jammies and snuggled in for a sleepover. Because thats how we roll.

We stuffed ourselves with homemade burgers , strawberries, ice cream and a mountain of apple crumble.

We played board games

and Fraser played cards with his Granny.

It was great.

And what do you know, Sunday morning, the sun came out.

And Fraser stayed in bed! LOL
We brunched in the garden and posed for cheesy pics.

and some super sweet pics too.

We rounded our day off with Grandad Jimbo, to celebrate his Birthday.

and a good old smooch of my favourite Nephews scrummy cheeks.

Now that, was a weekend.


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