Saturday, 30 October 2010

Finding treasure

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"Come said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
"Come over the meadow and we will play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold.
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."

Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween fail!

Do you ever start something and just know it is going to be a disaster? Do you ever continue on knowing the outcome will be even less fun than the journey? Do you ever look back in hindsight and see at least 10 different times where you should have called time on the activity and cut your losses?

I should have known. I should have seen it coming. But these pumpkin cookies that I saw on
Atelier Caroline were just begging for me to make them. And so I embarked on a baking adventure with my girl who had already eaten a bag of jellybeans AND was very tired AND was insisting on only wearing pyjamas. Mistake #1. 

The recipe called for sugar cookie dough. This isn't something we can buy here so I found a recipe in my favourite cookie recipe book.
Using an untested cookie dough recipe? Mistake #2.

Here is my PJ girl mixing eating the dough

The dough required 30 mins chill time in the fridge. Kirsten required 30 mins chill out time in her room.

We didn't have a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter so we improvised. I made orange and green cookie dough and we shaped some pumpkins.

I made too much cookie dough in my quest to make them orange AND green , so we shaped somewhere in the region of a million pumpkin cookies. Mistake #3

They were taking forever as I could only cook 6 on each tray because they spread! A lot.
By this stage it was past time for me starting dinner. My kitchen looked like this

And my daughter had unfortunately consumed even more sugar.

She also seems to have changed her PJs at some point! I only noticed just now! lol

The recipe called for white candy melts. We don't get those here. I figured white chocolate buttons would work the same Right? 

Wrong! Mistake #4.
The white chocolate burned and disintegrated. The orange and green dough ended up being slightly different shades of brown.
Check out the poor guy on the right of the pic!

He looked how I felt at this stage!

Surely now I would call it a day and just chuck them in the bin, ram the remaining chocolate buttons down my throat and start dinner. surely?

No. Mistake #5.

I decided to chuck all of the dishes into the sink and start dinner at the same time as baking the cookies.

Why don't I peel potatoes and melt chocolate at the same.
Mistake #6

I burnt the chocolate and 2 trays of cookies.

In the end I removed all of the burned eyes from the non burnt cookies. I threw all of the burnt stuff in the bin. I placed some new chocolate buttons onto the eye holes and melted what little of the chocolate I had left.

We ended up with something resembling pumpkin shaped cookies.

Mistake #7 came when we decided to taste them. Yuck. After 3 HOURS and all of the chaos they tasted of little more than cardboard. I willnot be using that sugar cookie recipe ever again.

"For all things.........................
                                         ........there is wine"  LeeAnn Peat Oct 2010

Catching up

It seems forever since I sat down at my laptop with a cuppa in hand and a post or two floating around in my head. It has only been a week, but a week feels too long.

After I posted about thinking on the bright side I ended up being sick. K and I were both laid up for the best part of a week , she had a chest infection and I had a reunion with my old friend tonsilitis. Team that sickness with the need to rush out and choose a new car, while I still had the hire car provided by my insurance company, before they settle my claim. Blogger is not escaping without a little blame being laid at their door. What little time and energy I had was not going to be spent wrangling with the new uploader , so I just waited.

 And now here I am. My claim has been settled and I collect my new car on Monday. I am now even beginning to feel a little excited by this! I'm getting a new car! I just realised , woo hoo!

Murray is back to work this week , after two whole weeks off. I am missing him a lot as I do like to have my nest full at all times! It's not helped by the fact that he has gone straight back to work on a big murder case and is probably going to be working all weekend.

Next week the kids go back to school and Nursery and I will feel lost! Although it is highly possible that I may  actually get lost in this hot mess of a house! You seriously would not believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes. Stuff everywhere. Maybe next week I will get it together once everyone is out during the day and back to normal.

I can't believe that Halloween is this weekend! And, true to form, I have managed to procrastinate over the making of K's costume. I have it 3/4 of the way there but because I have never tried to make anything like the top part , I am putting it off. I always do that, instead of just getting my head down and trying it. Now I am worried that I am not going to have enough fabric and it is too late to order more. Ugh Why do I do this to myself??
I can't wait to see them together all dressed up. They have chosen an awesome theme and I think they are going to look hilarious! They have been practising for weeks.

I am excited to share the finished articles on Sunday, but for now I will only share a little clue

Doo bee doo be doo wah, doo bee doo bee doo wah.

It's nice to be back. I am off to upload some photos onto my laptop and attempt to find an easier way to share them on here.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dear Blogger.

I believe the time has come for me and your new photo uploader to part ways.
I don't know why, but things have changed. You have changed.
We used to have such a good time together, you were uncomplicated and ,I'm sorry if I offend you but, you were simple and you made yourself very easy to use. I liked it that way, We made a good team, our relationship worked.
Alas, you have become complicated. I am not a tidy person but you just lump all of my photos into one big heap and if I don't like them that way do you give me a second chance?? Why no! You clearly feel it would be beneath you to allow me to arrange things one at a time.
It's all or nothing with your new photo uploader. And I'm not an all or nothing kind of gal. I like a little bit of something right in the middle.
We just don't work any more, we want different things. We always seem to be on a different page these days.
I am afraid in this instance I can clearly see that it is you and not me.
Maybe some time in the future you will mend your ways. Maybe once you have worked through your issues you could give me a call.
Maybe we could work things out.
But farewell for now old friend. I have a blog post needing some photos and you just can't deliver for me. I am off to pastures new to find a new photo genius who can give me what I need.

LeeAnn xx

Monday, 18 October 2010

View from the pumpkin patch

I have seen lots of toilet paper pumpkins on my travels around blogland and thought it would be a great "craft" for K and I to do together. It was super quick! And she loved it!

Basically you take a roll of toilet paper and some fabric (roughly a fat quarter is a good size), I then used a piece of stick we had gathered on our autumn travels and a little raffia. You lay your roll of toilet paper in the middle of your fabric piece and tuck it into the hole on the top. Then pop in your stick and tie on your raffia. Done. Simple and easy.

K did this one all on her own

Cute huh?

I also had to get in on the act

Mine is more of an apple because of my fabric choice , apples are autumnal right?
(gingham surprise surprise)

I love this idea because there is no sewing or glueing involved, so we can dismantle them and still have all of the fabric intact to use for another project.

I love this so much it could become addictive, we may be living in a pumpkin patch soon! lol

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mrs Brightside

After my massive mini meltdown, over all of my hire car problems, on Friday. I decided to look on the bright side. Yes it is just plain old bad luck that my car is ruined through no fault of my own. Yes it is ridiculous that I will be without a car for close to a week, because of some ridiculous policies and promises that were made by my insurance company, that I was given the privelege of paying for, that are not even going to happen. And yes it is unfortumate that this all falls on the four days of holidays that we should be enjoying together, that is supposed to keep us going until the time we have booked of work at Christmas time.

Yes, all of that just plain sucks.

BUT, what is the bright side of all of this? I get four days off with my family. That doesn't change. We have no car, but that means we can enjoy other things . It means we have four whole days with nowhere to be, no deadlines, no rushing. Just us.

These are my favourite kind of days and it almost got lost in amongst my desire to enjoy our days off together by cramming them with activities. So far we have enjoyed a nice cozy weekend of puzzles and board games, baking and long lazy pyjama mornings with pancake breakfasts. All of my favourite things.

I finally got my autumn/ halloween wreath done , even though i just had to have the fabric back in September because it just couildn't wait! Clearly it could have waited a leeetle longer lol.

And my poor wee chicken is sick. She has a terrible cough and cold with a high temp. So we are going to enjoy the rest of our Sunday afternoon snuggled up drinking cosy juice and watching tv.

We are also super lucky in that our family all live close by and are very generous at offering help with any supermarket trips or necessary driving needing done. My in laws are even going to come pick us up later so we can visit with them and have dinner cooked for us! Not too shabby after all :-)

Welcome to the Bright side xx

Friday, 15 October 2010

This is what happens when

Your car decides to runaway backwards down a hill. With no one behind the wheel.....

....And then crash into the corner of the building at the bottom.

Thankfully no one was in it and unbelievably no one was walking or driving on the road when it happened.

This is the view through what should be the rear window, looking down at the floor of the trunk/boot.
Look how squashed it is at the left side.

These photos are rubbish,as it was already half dark. I am also not really sure how best to photograph a car that is stretched along one side and squashed right along the other. But I wanted to document it anyway.

My poor car was towed away on the back of a lorry this morning. I will not know of her fate until at least monday.
Will the repair company fix it and give me a courtesy car while they are doing so? Or is it too badly damaged and the insurance company will write it off and pay out? Giving me a hire car in the meantime.
Either way it seems I will remain car-less until probably Wednesday.

Don't you just love dealing with insurance companies?? Grr.

Still trying to remember that everything material is replacable. Even when it seems like no one is wanting to replace it anytime soon!

 I am so thankful that no one was injured/killed by my crazy runaway car.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

With only...............

..................................... 79 sleeps until Christmas! (oh yeah baby!!) , my mind is starting to turn towards gifts and christmas projects. I will need to get started soon if I want to get it all done!

Getting anything done would be a bonus! When I set out to do Stashbusting september , I didn't realise that September would be my busiest months of the year! So I only completed 2 of my 20 or so project target. Ah well. Theres always next september!

I thought I would offer up some ideas that I have used for gifts in the past and also some of the great gifts I have received! Just in case you were trawling the internet for inspiration (like I am ;-) )

For the little people in your life

Little shopping bags, I usually put a colouring book, a matching crayon roll, a story book, some sweets, bubbles or some hair clippies/bows.

My favourite go - to for children's gifts. A hoodie towel, using Deanna's tutorial

Dolly! I made Dolly using the tutorial from Black apple. I also used the idea as inspiration to make
 little kitties to go in K's birthday party bags. You could make virtually any animal and turning it from a girly gift to an anyone gift. Who doesn't love a little snuggle buddy?

A felt mask, this one was also for K's pussycat party but these could be superhero masks or any animal. Felt is cheap and easy to sew with so I think these may make a few appearences this Christmas!

Oilcloth lunch bag. I made this using a tutorial from Skip to my Lou

A snuggly patchwork pillow, I made this for K but I think it would be a lovely gift for any little boy or girl. Maybe team it with a fleecy blanket and one of your favourite children's book. Great for some post Christmas snuggles.

A taggy blanket is fairly self explanatory. Great for giving to the really little people in your life. I am sure their parents will thank you for the lack of batteries included!

And a co ordinating crinkle taggy made using this tutorial from Joy's hope

This has turned into a fairly epic post, so I will continue with some other gift ideas this weekend. Some for the grown ups too.

For now I had better get myself into the shower, I am sat here in my PJs and I start work in 30 mins! oops!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Harvest Time

We are very proud of our apple harvest this year! Last year we thought we would lose our apple tree as it seemed sick. But with a little TLC it seems to be feeling better!

This is our entire harvest!! LOL

It was exactly enough to make 8 mini apple pies with the girls ,

we even used our special autumn leaf shaped cutter for the lid!

Luckily my Mum has a big apple tree in her garden and we still have a plentiful supply.

Does anyone have a good apple recipe for us?

I can do apple pie / tart but that is my limit. I would love to try something new

Friday, 1 October 2010



I have a horrible gastric bug of some sort. On hindsight I have been struggling all week, tiredness , migraine. Yuck. Yesterday was not fun.

My poor girl has done so well, she has coped amazingly with having next to no stimulation or supervision!! K managed to amuse herself all morning, get herself snacks from the fridge and came to tell me when she was hungry for lunch, which she then helped me prepare. She picked up her toys after herself and was quiet and considerate. I am ashamed to admit that she made me more than one drink of water/juice and I was very appreciative. She is 4! Thankfully my Dad was able to drive her to and from nursery, so the poor girl at least got some fun in the afternoon. Thanks Dad.

While I was lying in bed, I could hear the sounds of my house, my family.I often wonder what it would be like to look in on my family as a stranger and I can honestly say that last night I would have liked what I saw.  Sure there are days moments where I yell and am less than a good person. There are lots of times where the kids argue and fight. Our home is rarely quiet but I would hope that the majority of noise is happy busy noise.

 Last night, all I heard was contentment. I could hear my sweet husband juggling. Cooking in the kitchen while chatting to K, tidying up before bathtime while helping Fraser with his maths homework. He took K for a little stroll to post a letter. K came back with a bag full of crunchy autumn  leaves to cheer me up, and also a photo on Daddy's phone to show me her crunching through the leaves because I hadn't been well enough to leave the house. Reading a bedtime story and giving night night kisses. He is a good guys,.

I am feeling a little better today, well enough to get up and dressed and lay on the couch instead of in my bed.  K and I made a little soup using this big guy

And I am trying to decide if I have enough energy to begin making tea. It is pork chops (my favourite!) I will hopefully be feeling well enough to eat it too. I am looking forward to being able to do normal things without feeling faint, and also without having to wear disposable gloves to cook! (they are bright green and super sttractive LOL) I would hate to pass this yucky bug onto my favourite people. They are the best.


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