Friday, 28 May 2010

This week

This week I planned on using


To make this and this

However, because of my procrastinating last week, I was still making 


These are for Fraser's show next week, he is starring in the school production of Pirates of penzance. No he isn't wearing a flannelette nightgown like this , lol. 

This week I was going to try to eat less of 


and more things like this

with minimal success. 

This week I was going to find the time to do lot of blogging on 


But had to make do with reading up on all my favourite blogs using


This morning K left the house with hair looking like 


Well, she came home with hair like this

It is apparently "not normal" to wear plaits in her hair.

** sigh ** there is always next week


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Happiness is .......

Sitting in my sun filled garden with my laptop, writing my Sundays in my city post and listening to the Glee soundtrack. Bliss!

Happiness is

Blossom on the apple trees that we have saved.

When we moved into our house last year we thought they wouldn't make it. But they are beginning to thrive and have rewarded us with some beautiful blossom.

Unexpected visitors in the garden

Sandy Ice cream cones

Seeing the first ladybird of the year

Ice cream straight from the tub

And precious little hands gently cradling tiny precious hands

Join us, sharing our sundays (and sunny days) from around the world.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Every Wednesday my lovely Lor Lor tells us about all of the things on her wish list. I was thinking about this yesterday while I was sewing nightgowns and skirts for Fraser's upcoming drama show at school.

I was wishing and dreaming of a craft room. While I had the fabric laid out on the table in the livingroom, the sewing machine set up on the kitchen table and my mini ironing board on the work top in the kitchen. I was dizzy going round and round in a triangle. (lol that makes no sense!)

Oh how I would love to even have a cupboard to store my meagre supplies. As it is it is taking over the whole corner of my bedroom. Hmm it really needs some work to be honest. Carrier bags and an everythingontopofeverythingelse pile is just not working for me :(

 Oh if I won the lottery what a room I would have!

It would be stuffed with fabric. It would be stuffed with craft magazines and books. I would have my laptop set up in there. A sewing table. Drawers. Cupboards. shelves. Yummy storage baskets. rolls and rolls of ribbon. A heap of sticks for my hot glue gun and a hot gluing area. Jars and jars of buttons. And mod podge! I don't think we get that here and I would love to try it! And maybe , just maybe, a wine chiller in the corner!

Some yumminess I found a la google images

It would be crammed with more gingham and polka dots and vintage flowers than you could shake a stick at!!

**Sigh **

I guess wishing is what wish lists are for!

What's on your wish list this week?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Beautiful Sunday

"Hey hey hey it's a beautful day!"

Yesterday my sweetie was watching his favourite team play football. They are a relatively small team but their fans are passionate.

This team had made it all the way to the Scottish cup final! Which I am assured is a very big deal.
Their colours are tangerine and black
( although I will admit  it looks orange to me ;) )

 Here is my very own tangerine man ready to head off to Glasgow for the big game!

He was still eating his breakfast while being papped LOL

and my Father in law who "toned it down" by wearing a black shirt ..........................
and orange and white shoes and black and orange socks lol

I am not a football fan but I have to say that I was even swept away with the excitement of the occassion. It was hard not to when my 4 year old was cheering at the TV and doing the dance taught to her by Daddy.
It was a little difficult to explain why we couldn't see Daddy on the TV, 27,000 supporters doesn't mean much to a 4 year old.

Here they are singing one of the team's anthems

spot the Daddy ;)

They won ! In an exciting 2nd half Dundee United had a very well deserved Victory! This is only the second time they have won this cup in 100 years!

Today we headed off to the fairly nearby City of Dundee, so Daddy could watch his heroes bring the cup home!

A local radio station was there to provide music for the party atmosphere and all of the teams favourites were played including Beautiful Sunday.

Kirsten's dancing was noted by a passing cameraman and she was rewarded by seeing herself strut her stuff on the big screen in front of the crowds!!

Mummy had a not so proud moment as she forgot the camera :-(

Thanks to Granny and Beebs we got a prime spot right by the barriers and we saw the team as they arrived!

Fraser got a high five from the man of the match, who scored 2 of the 3 goals yesterday.

I have to say again that I am usually not a sports person but today in the city square surrounded by thousands of people, there was a real family orientated party atmosphere and it was really quite emotional.

 An occasion that 3 generations of our family enjoyed together. And that is always beautiful.

Join me by linking up with

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where you can see beautiful Sundays from all around the globe

PS. Look who came home to me!

Mama got her kiss in the end xx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

I am a lot behind on my posting, I have a whole load of photos but blogger is not being kind to me this week. Anyone else having problems? It seems to reject a lot of my photos and then when it does take them I get all kinds of crazy spacing!

Anyhoo, it was my sweetie's Birthday on Friday. He is awesome!

Kirsten made her Daddy a treasure box at Playgroup, it was filled with lovely sparkly things and feathers. Very special.

I gave him an IOU for a whole batch of fudge. It is an IOU as I have lost the recipe! Shock horror!  Anytime I make fudge I send it in little baggies to his colleagues. They have never had one piece. Not one. Ever! So I thought I would make him a whole batch that is actually all for him. So he doesn't have to sneak it ;)

Fraser chose a seriously classic DVD as his gift.


Murray took the day off work , I was still working but my work is even better if we are out and about!
We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine, we walked down the pier , looked at the boats and enjoyed the lovely fresh sea air. All things that Murray loves.

I love where we live

 I love these people

My Dad has a little boat in this harbour, he uses creels like this to catch lobsters and crabs in the summer.

 I love lobsters!

And, of course, we finished the walk with a huge ice cream!

Happy Birthday Daddy xx

( PS Fraser was at school! And drama practise, he was too busy for us lol just in case anyone thought we had left him out of the afternoon)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

An afternoon on the common

On a side note : what would you call this?

Here in Scotland this is a burn.

Just wondered !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

ooh my table needs this!

There is a giveaway on one of my favourite blogs, to gain an extra entry I am to give it a wee mention right here.

Here is a link to a beautiful handmade table runner that I would LOVE for my kitchen table!

I have no idea if I can enter, seeing as I live so far away. But I wont be devestated if any of you lovely people who live on the right side of the pond :) would like to enter.

There is a link to  The Crafty Cupboard over there ----------> on my little list, she makes some sweet stuff!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bon Voyage!

Welcome to Sunday, in my little city. It has been a few weeks since I have been able to link up, life just got in the way!

Unknown Mami

This week we are a family of 3! My big boy has flown the nest, until Friday. He is away to Paris with his School! What an opportunity huh??

So, this post is dedicated to my special guy.

He is one cool Dude!

Meatball wasn't quite ready for this momentous occasion and tried to stow away in his suitcase!

His bags are packed and he's ready to go

Shades and chewing gum at the ready.

At 5.30, we all got up to take him to the school and say goodbye.

His first trip away from home. Alone.

But look he managed all of his bags all by himself!!

He looks a little unsure in this one but I swear he wasn't! He was just so excited!

I know only a Mummy can know this but I can tell he is grinning by looking at his ears!

His suitcase stowed safely on the bus

Fraser hopped on to save his seat and never came back! LOL No kisses for mama!

He had a small panic when he couldn't find his sweets (candy) so I got to sneak on to show him where it was. Yes it was only 6.30am. Yes I am that Mum.

Still no goodbye kiss but at least I got to see this scrumptious face again!

Waiting to wave. In the rain!

A big cheer and away they go!


sniff sniff


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