Sunday, 31 January 2010

Two of a kind

I received a phone call one morning during the week. Fraser had fallen at school, he had hit his head and his nose.
My boy had fallen victim to his own prank.
He is always up to some practical joke or other, and tries to give us a fright at any opportunity. Well he gave a girl in his class the mother of all frights! She jumped so high and whirled around that she knocked him off his feet.
In his own words, he face planted onto the concrete of the playground . Thankfully, he sustained no severe injuries and has an impressive scrape on his nose.

Fast foreard to yesterday morning. We were getting geared up to head off to the library. The kids were playing in the front garden while Murray and I grabbed the few last minute things we had forgotton.
Then I heard it.
The screaming from my poor girl. She had tripped. She had fallen. She had face planted on the concrete path.


Yes she too is now sporting "a skint nose"

What's the chances?

Now please excuse me while I go and teach my children how to fall. No please do not tip over like a tin soldier hitting your head on whatever hard surface may be underneath you. Please put out your hands, yes hands are precious but not quite as precious as your head!

The first Sunday in our city

Ok not the first Sunday ever, but the first time I have joined in the fun hosted by Unkown Mami. I check out Sami's post every Sunday and want to get in on the action. I love looking at all of the pics from around the world, and figured maybe someone might like to see my little corner of Scotland.

We have enjoyed some fabulous sunshine this weekend, it has been lovely to see! These are my favourite kind of days, dry , cold and crisp with a little warmth in the watery winter sunshine. So we wrapped up warm and set off for a nice sunny walk together.

Here is my polka dot girl getting ahead on her scooter, she loves it and has great balance!

The boys catching her up, Fraser setting his own style with an awesome fedora hat and Daddy with the buggy. We were sure the scootering would wear K out

We were right!

We are very fortunate to live right by the sea. Although there are no long stretches of sandy beaches, you would only have to go as far as St Andrews for that.
 We do have a busy little Main street, a marina full of yachts and some lovely views. Maybe next week we can show you the beaches.

Look who spotted me! I had only been gone 5 minutes to take some pics but I still got a Hero's welcome

Cold! But never too cold for an ice cream!

I am no photographer , so sorry if the next pics are ruind by the bright sun, but I just loved the effect of the sun against this particular view.

Unbelievable the difference a couple of seconds make

The sea seemed very calm to me, but there was still enough power to crash the waves up and over the wall

Thankyou for joining me in my wee corner of the world. Sorry it was such a long introduction. Looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to this week x

Unknown Mami

Thanks to Unknown Mami

Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's in the bag!

Last night  I went to the cinema with my secret "chubby club" companion. This was our reward for reaching our first half stone weight loss! Woo hoo!

I was raking around in my holdall  handbag for some chewing gum. I think I should take a look in my bag more often! LOL

Some of the random crap items I came across were

1 Disney Princess walkie talkie
A small notebook with Rudolph on the front
My Slimming world book
An empty gum packet
A Dr who figure of a scary scarecrow
A child's medicine syringe
1 sock
A pink plastic egg
A teaspoon
3 different hair clips
1 glove
a yoyo
4 pens
and a broken sellotape dispenser.

? ? ? um...... yep.......... think it is time for a clearout LOL. Is this a Mum thing? Or just a lazy busy Mum thing?? LOL The worst one for me was the 1 sock. Where did the other one go? Did I walk home from somewhere with one sock on and one sock off? Should I be worried that I can't remember this?

One thing that I, thankfully, didn't find in my bag this time! Not sure Cineworld would have appreciated Meatball joining us

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Love is................

biting the "bad bit" out of my apple when I don't have a knife handy.

Thanks Sweetie xx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Is it raining babies??

Nope it's a baby shower! (Ha see what I did there??)

Ok this is a pointless post, I am hosting a Baby Shower for my sister in honour of the ADORABLE Niece of Nephew she is cooking purely for my sake ;) ;) Ok ok I will share .

Anyway the reason it is pointless is because I can't actually share any of the details! It is all a surprise! And I am sure she still reads this blog occasionally so I don't want to spoil it! But in one month expect a post about all of the fabulous things I am going to attempt for this thing!

Does anyone have any fun ideas that you can share with me? Baby showers are not a common thing over this side of the pond, so I need all the help I can get! I have done a nappy/diaper cake before and have aload of ideas for centrepieces etc but not really sure what else should happen.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

She's a rocket girl.............

The girls decided they wanted to make some rockets today! Hmm what can you turn into a rocket with zero notice??

Yep plastic bottle to the rescue. Good thing I have been a bit lax in the recycling department lately (ok always ;) ) so with a bit of paint and some imagination they set to work

"it's going to be a weally fablious wocket Mummy"

Rockets apparently need to have windows, doors and a spout. Yep I had no idea what a spout was either but apparently the spout is the pointy bit at the top. Can't wait til the paint dries and we can add on all of the necessities  should be finished tomorrow

How fun would it be to blast off into space in a pink or purple space wocket??

Monday, 18 January 2010

Feeling Glee-ful

I am in love.

It is tonight at 9pm.

I can't wait.

I feel all excited, not knowing what to expect.

I have my outfit chosen.

I have decided on the food.

It feels like a date!

The time is 9pm , the place is my couch, the special outfit is my favourite pink PJs with gingerbread men on them.

Oh Glee how I love you.

If you haven't watched it - check it out!

hmph wont let me embed it so you will just have to follow the link to you tube x

Glee, Don't stop believing

Friday, 15 January 2010

Birthday party ideas part 2, Cupcake theme

For K's 3rd Birthday party we did a cupcake theme.

The invitations were a simple photo of cupcakes with a wee pink bow at the top, a little white rectangle with "Kirsten's 3rd Birthday" written  on it in silver and a little diamonte . All of the details were written on the back. don't have a pic of the finished thing but I used this pic

I made a flag banner, just out of coloured sugar paper cut into flags. My SIL Fiona helped me by making the cute cupcake embellishments.

I made the party bags with the help of my Mother in law. I had to use her sewing machine because I didn't own one yet and this was the first sewing project I ever took on. The gingham material was a nightmare! so it ended up only being a little part of the bags instead of the main part. This worked loads better! They were wonky and very obviously handmade but I am still super proud of them!

My awesome MIL cross stitched little name tags too

Inside the bags I put a little notebook, crayons again (I know not too original but the kids were mostly different from the year before) , a knitted cupcake , knitted by my Mother in law (isn't she clever and really sweet!)  and of course an individual cupcake.

I wanted to make a huge cupcake as her main cake. I saw an awesome cake pan made by Wilton, but couldn't afford to spend the amount they were asking for something I would likely only use once. MIL came to the rescue again when she found some HUGE cake cases.
So the final product was a ginormous "cupcake" with strawberry butter icing and marshmallows on top,
surrounded by little muffin sized cupcakes with plain butter icing and mini marshmallows on top.

I am glad I didn't buy the cake pan in the end, her cakes ended up more original :)

For the cups, plates and napkins I bought plain ones in pastel shades.

I even found some cupcake wrapping paper.

I made some plain flags to hang at the other end of the room and some pink balloons and streamers was all that was needed to finish off this girly day.

I made the poor girl wear the same party dress as the year before, we just loved it so much and it still fitted so we thought why not?! ;)

here she is blowing out her candles, her first day ever of no nap! She was just done, bless her she went and got her pillow and snuggled in on her new trampoline.

So there is my homemade cupcake party.

Typical, this year cupcakes are EVERYWHERE!

And what does she want??

A pink and pussycat party LOL Should be fun :)

Birthday party ideas part 1

My sweet girl is turning 4 soon and our thoughts are turning to her party. Of course this has led me to remember her parties past. I have never really had anywahere to share these before so I thought I owuld pop them on here , also good for me to return to and remind myself what we have done already!

For her 2nd Birthday we did a ladybird tea party theme. I Loved doing this so much. These pics were all taken with my old camera so they arent the best and also I am pretty rubbish at photography !

Here are the invitations, all made just using card and little wooden ladybirdsm I just remembered that this was the one we kept for ourselves because I forgot to write the time on it LOL

For the cups and plates I bought some plain red paper cups and plates. Then I went to work with some black sticky dots.

For the gift bags I again bought plain red gift bags and decorated with the dots, for the tags I just cut out a leaf from the green card and stuck a wee wooden ladybird on.

I filled the bags with a little notebook with ladybirds on, some jumbo crayons tied with red and black polka dot ribbon, a mini ladybird cupcake and something else that I can't remember now! oops

I made giant flower and grass pictures to enhance the theme, with a home made banner made by me and Fraser.

Some other ladybird / garden theme bits and pieces dotted around, not sure if you can see her pressies in the background but they were wrapped in red tissue with black dots.

Birthday message written by her big Brother

And finally my first attempt at decorating a cake.

A spotty dress completed the day and my little ladybird princess had a ball!

She never sits still this girl, and these pics were late afternoon so she was super tired.

wow she seems like such a baby in these!!


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