Sunday, 30 August 2009

Thelma and Louise!


One car

Two girls

Three nights

Four days and

Five hundred miles

This can only mean one thing ROAD TRIP!!

My big sis Sarah and I were driving cross country to attend a family wedding. We set off at 5.30 am and it wasn't raining so the roof was down!

Sarah took the first stint and we set off. Sarah of course was technically Louise because in the film the car belongs to Louise and she drives first.
Hmm also means I get to be Thelma who gets cosy with Brad Pitt! woo hoo ! Unfortunately he wasn't hitching a ride that day :(

In a haze of around a million toilet stops! (yes Sarah that was you!) caused by drinking 3 litres of water in about 2 hours (yes Sarah you again!) we drove for 11 hours in a black convertable with around 100 CDs and an Ipod touch for extra company. It was fab!

Dad was worried for our safety (really it was our map reading skills he was worried about ;)  ) and very kindly loaned us one of his Tom Tom sat navs. Unknown to us he had programmed it to Moo every time we went over the speed limit. As if we would! Sarah managed at least 15 mins before it went off. I thought I would never stop laughing it was so hilarious.

By the time  we had been driving for  2 hours (just before our first stop) Sarah was laughing no more. The 3 litres of water were telling on her bladder and She had so frequently broke the limit it was like Old Mc Donald was in the car with us! Much swearing filled the air at this time. Brilliant! Thus inspiring her nickname for the rest of the trip - Moostang Sarah.

Some blurry cows that I spotted while being a passenger to the speed demon above!

I don't favour the idea of the fines and penalty points on my license and the Moos weren't quite so frequent on my 2 hour slots. Inspiring my nickname of Miss Daisy.  Sarah did however discover that if you just kept speeding after good old Daisy had given the signal, then it didn't Moo again. So on the few occassions where I crept up high enough for the farmyard noise, just as I would lift my foot to slow down  a bit, Sarah would scream from the passengers seat

"Push through the Moo!  Just push through it! Screw you Tom Tom!!"

We sang and gossiped our way down stuffing our faces the whole way!  Lunch was a well deserved burger, chunky chips, onion rings and the coldest nicest glass of coke I have ever had! So good they had to be documented!!!

Once we arrived we sat out in some fabulous sunshine with a cold crisp glass of rose wine!

We somehow managed to torture the poor young guys behind the Bar because as we walked in to breakfast the next morning one of them muttered, "uh - oh here comes trouble"
huh??? we were on our best behaviour too! We were there with our parents and Aunt and Uncle! Imagine if he had seen us be our true selves!

(This next bit needs a disclaimer from myself, something strange happens to me when I have no children to be responsible for. It somehow goes to my head and I lose all sense of responsibility. I lose keys, lose ANYTHING and just basically lose my head a little. I tend to do strange and silly things.)

As we were getting ready for dinner one night we were having fun true girly style. Prancing around in a towel singing into hair brushes. Yep

I will let the pics speak for themselves

The ever glamorous Sarah

LeeAnn shimmying on down singing Valerie!

LeeAnn jumping on the bed........

Oh wait no pic????

hmm what is that mark on the ceiling????

Oh yeah that's right Sarah couldn't get a pic as LeeAnn smacked her head on the roof! (and then Sarah proceeded to almost fall over laughing)  LeeAnn  Smacked her head so hard that the teeth from her hair band cut some funky little circles in her scalp

oh yes we do have a pic of that!!

Fraser gave me such a telling off on the phone! He has told me under NO circumstances am I to ever EVER  jump on a bed wearing a hairband again! Woo hoo! I am clear for non hairband bed jumping then!

Then we went to a wedding , which was lovely . The bride was stunning and the champagne fabulous!!!  Ooops no pics! ;) must have been the champagne!

And then the  next day we set of for the long journey home. Much mooing was had, along with plenty more bitching  gossiping, eating and singing. We were ever so glad to be on the way home although I do think it has to absolutely not be a once in a lifetime trip!

 Where are we going next sis??

Next time for sure we have to find Brad Pitt! He's on my freebie list!!

Love ya! Thanks for the fun times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A glance into the very distant future!

for reasons known best to themselves! My two cherubs decided to dress up as old people LOL they were having a sleepover at Granny Mary's house and had a blast dressing up.

I think they are hilarious! Love the serious expressions too!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

3 year old randomness

Yesterday we were driving along in the car just chatting and generally hanging out. There was a slight lull in the conversatio and K piped up with


"ye -es"

"Why do cats bite?"

Honestly she was so serious like she was asking the meaning of life!

Don't you just love 3 year old minds x


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