Thursday, 28 August 2008

One of the best days ever!

I have had a lovely day. Went to work this morning and had the most perfect time! Was on such a high when I left and headed home.

Kirsten was still napping when I got in, so I got to spend some childfree time chatting with my Mum.

When K got up she was so thrilled to see me and gave me one of the best cuddles ever. My heart just bursts thinking about how amazing and loving she is.

We ate lunch with her being all snuggly with mum and me, it was a great day so we decided to go for a walk.

Mum dropped us off so K could walk home with her pram, we went into the bank where she charmed the lady and did a great proud mummy act with her baby (so cute!) She walked like a star and we had so much fun chatting about the various shops.

On our way home we passed the hall where The playgroup is (where I work with MIL and SIL) K asked if we could go in to visit and so of course we did. She had such a great time playing with everything, swinging in the chair swing on the garden. Drinking a tiny carton of milk and generally having a ball.

All too soon it was time to keep heading on home, she was happy to leave, enjoyed bumping her pram over the cobbles along the way. I felt sad when I had to say no to playing in the park that we passed but she
said no problem and remembered that we had to be home in time for Fraser arriving home.

Once Fraser was home he wanted to go out to fly his kite. Well after the half hour that it took me to build the thing (it was such a fab kite flying day that the instructions had blown away! haha ) we headed round to the playing field and taught ourseves how to fly it. It was great! We were both rubbish But Fraser's best friend Melissa was a natural !!

Just wanted to write this dow so when it all goes pear shaped tomorrow I can remember just how good I have it

x x x x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The countdown has begun!


x x x x

A different view from the HaMster wheel!

Life in the Hamster Wheel is usually far from dull but recently it has been crazy! In the last 6 weeks we have
Had the summer holidays
Had chicken pox
Moved out for a week and had our whole house redecorated (lots of fun while dealing with lack of sleep from the aforementioned chicken pox!)
Had a lovely week long holiday at the sea side (a different sea side to where we live ;) )
Moved back in to our beautiful newly decorated house
Started back to school
Finished working with Sarah at Astara
And started a new job working in the playgroup alongside Fiona and Christine (MIL and SIL)

PHEW!!! Now is the time we need a holiday! LOL

It shows no sign of letting up yet as we are heading full throttle into the Princess starting at Playgroup! I am getting the fridge all ready so I can display those paintings with the pride they deserve!

x x x x


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